Transform a bathroom for under a $100

Transform a bathroom for under a $100

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cheap bathroom remodel under $100

The super-duper easy and cheap

Bathroom Renovation


bathroom cheap remodel transform from old to new

Really need some paint, flooring, and bathroom curtain and rug set.

Bathroom remodels can be very costly and time consuming. However, sometimes just a little sprucing is all they need. A quick bathroom spruce is easy, and shouldn’t take more than a day.

You will need:

*You may need several boxes depending on bathroom square footage.
**There are many lovely sets on amazon but the prices vary. Purchasing everything separately or in sets can range between 25- 60.





paint bathroom semi gloss use painter tape for nice lines.

The paint really starts to freshen things up.

When it comes to painting a bathroom, many salesmen will tell you that you need the super-duper-mold-and-mildew-resistant paint. They also want you to believe the reason you are paying an extra 10-20 dollars per gallon because it has magic inside. The truth is all paints nowadays have mold resistance. All you really need for your bathroom is some level of gloss paint. The glossier the paint, the more resistant to mold and mildew. But, unless 10 people take a scalding hot shower, everyday, in the same tiny bathroom with no fan… satin
or semi-gloss paint is just fine. I prefer semi-gloss paint; it wipes clean like a high gloss, but won’t show flaws in the wall.

A small bathroom will only need about a quart of paint depending on the color you choose. Darker colors usually will need a second coat. After you have picked your color, and gotten your paint, you will need to do some prepping. Remove the outlet covers, baseboards, and make sure there are no holes in the walls. If you find a few small holes, you can patch them easily with lightweight spackling. I like Dap Fast’N Final Spackling. It feels like marshmallow fluff, it is easy to work with, you don’t have to sand the area, and you can paint over it within minutes.  Once your walls look good and hole free use painters tape to protect counters, ceiling’s, tiles and such. First do your trim painting, and then use the roller.



vinyl tiles peel and stick look like real tiles easy bathroom remodel

Love the vinyl peel and stick tiles. Bathroom is really coming together now.

Now that your walls look great, it is time to lay down your Vinyl Tiles. I used the peel and stick Vinyl Tiles. They look great and are easy to lay down. The first thing you want to do is thoroughly sweep the floor. Now, before sticking any tiles down carefully plan out how you want them laid out. I started at the left corner of the door so any cut pieces would be under the edge of the cabinet. Carefully peel the paper off the first tile. Stick the top down into place and slowly lower the tile until it is in place then apply pressure to help it adhere. With the next tile, place it at an angle snug to the edge and lower it down into place gently keeping the edges together and the tile lined up. Repeat this until you have laid down all of the tiles that do not need cutting. This will get easier after a few tiles.

To cut tiles around the toilet and edges I like to use the paper from the previously peeled tiles. Place the paper onto the area that needs a trimmed tile, then using your pencil trace all the edges. Now using a measuring tape, thoroughly measure the area. Compare your measurements with the sketch. These tiles cut easily with a razor to score the line and then snap piece off. Once you are certain of the cut that needs to be made, you can prep the tile in two ways. First, you can use painter tape to tape the sketch down to the front of the tile then score with your razor blade using the sketch lines as your guide.   Use your pencil to draw the cut lines on the tile. The second way is to shade over where the lines are on the back of the paper heavily with pencil. Then flip the paper back over, put it into the proper position on the tile, and simply trace over the original lines with pressure. With the pencil shading on the back, this should transfer the shape onto the tile for you.  Use a razor to score, and the tiles will snap off easily. On a side note if you want to clean the edge and fill a gap between the tiles and the tub and/or toilet you can use a small amount of caulking.


fabric curtain, bath mats, towels, and decor add the finishing touch

Put the baseboards and outlet covers back on. Hung up our new curtain and laid down the mats. Bowie helped every step of the way.

Nearing the end of the renovation, its time to put our baseboards and outlet covers back on. Nail your baseboards back into place try to put two nails every 16 inches. This will ensure that your baseboard is nailed into the seal and the studs. When you put the baseboards back on you can use a small amount of the Dap Fast N Final
over the places where the nails are to give it a smooth and flawless finish. Now that the baseboards and outlet covers are back on, hang up your new curtain, lay down your new rugs, and hang up any décor. That is it, a newly spruced bathroom for under $100. If you don’t have any décor, check out our article on having fun with your kids while making décor.

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