Tools every homeowner should have

The Beginners Tool Box   There are a few basic tools that every homeowner should have around their home. Even if you are not the “handy” type it’s always a good idea to have a few things that are easily accessible. There are some amazing tool kits out there that […]

Basic tips and tricks for homeowners

Basic tips, tricks, and super neat stuff that every homeowner should know.   Find your water main. Whether you have lived in your home for 20 years or you are just moving in to your new home there is one thing you should locate and always keep clear and easily […]

The Gingerbread House


How to avoid an expensive HVAC repair 2

How to avoid a costly service repair with Mr. Mouse’s  Super-Cool A/C Troubleshooting Checklist  Maintaining a comfortable temperature in your home is a big expense. Whether you rent or own there are definite pros to taking good care of your air conditioning units. When you live in a warmer climate, […]

The Super Easy Washer and Dryer Install Guide 2

The Super-Duper and Ever-So-Easy Do-It-Yourself Guide to Installing a Washer and Dryer   When it comes to installing a washer and dryer, you should know a couple things first. Every laundry room is built differently so all measurements should be done and considered before you purchase any appliances. When deciding […]


How to repair splintered wood on a balustrade

How to repair splintered wood on a balustrade You will need: Wood Glue Wood Clamps Plastic Grocery Bags   We live in a Victorian style home, accurately nicknamed ‘The Gingerbread House’ because of the color and detailed white frosting trim. Maintaining a home with this much wood is a task […]

wood rail fix


Unclogging a sink

Unclogging a sink Everyone has experienced the inconvenience of brushing his or her teeth and watching the spit swirl around spreading toothpaste spittle all over the sink before the water finally goes down the drain minutes to hours later leaving all the toothpaste behind. In our household, this is a […]

The Fixer Upper Chucker

The Fixer Upper Chucker When deciding on a whether or not you want to pursue a fixer upper you have to consider several factors. There are many factors to consider about the fixer upper.  Such as, whether the home sat vacant for a many years or if there is a […]